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Lapis Lazuli Lava Bracelet

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Buffalo Bead Bar Lapis Lazuli Lava Bead Bracelet

Lava Beads are made from Pure and Natural Basalt which is Volcanic Rock. This Stone acts as a sponge as it soaks up your oils and retains them in the core of the Bead. Take your oil, and with one drop on your fingers, rub it into the Lava Beads. Your Scent will hold within the Beads and diffuse for a full 24 Hours!

  • Small / Medium 6.5in Circumference – Adjustable Elastic

  • Medium / Large 7.25in Circumference – Adjustable Elastic

  • Sealed Tightly with Jewelry Glue

  • Natural Gold Hematite stone Accents

  • Nickel Free

  • Zinc Free

  • Essential Oil Diffuser

  • 8mm Beads

All products are handmade and may have slight differences in color, texture, size and shape due to the handcrafted nature of our products.